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Software Engineer | PHP | Javascript
Stella Dimoko

How To Use Model Factories And Database Seeders In Laravel

  • What database seeders are
  • Why use database seeders
  • How to use database seeders

Getting Started

PHP Artisan | Ghost’s Guy

Here’s my attempt to telling my story.

Resumed Unilag

  • What Composer Is
  • How To Install Composer
  • How To Use Composer
  • Starting A New PHP Project Using Composer
  • Installing Packages, Libraries, Or Frameworks Using Composer

What do YOU need to know to get started?

  • A Computer
  • A text editor (Sublime or any other).
  • A browser.
  • Basic PHP knowledge. You can gather some here.

What Is Composer?

Group | EBTA
  • Know basic routing in Laravel using closures or controllers, or learn about it by reading Routing In Laravel 8.
  • Have a basic understanding of what middlewares are.

Getting Started


Using Core PHP To Work Better With Files

  • How to write your HTML code to allow file uploads and set the maximum file size too, if you ever need to.
  • How to use the $_FILES superglobal to access files and important information about them.
  • What type of files can be uploaded.

Data Visualization ~ Column Five

An introduction to the JavaScript library for data visualization

  • What Data Visualization is
  • Why you need Data Visualization
  • What Chart.js is
  • Why you would want to use Chart.js for your Data Visualization
  • And finally, how to use Chart.js for your Data Visualizations

What do YOU need to know to get started?

What is Data Visualization?

Road Directions | VectorStock

How It Should Be Done

  • How to define basic routes in Laravel
  • HTTP verbs at a glance
  • Route handling, with and without controllers
  • Route parameters
  • Route names, and why you should use them
  • Route groups.

Getting Started

  • What an array is,
  • Various types of arrays
  • Adding elements to an array
  • Removing from an array,
  • and still a lot.
  • Basic PHP, variables, and how to output to the screen.
  • Having prior programming experience would help.

Tensorflow.js |
  • Have an idea of what machine learning is, or learn it by reading Introduction To Machine Learning.
  • Have basic knowledge of HTML
  • Have basic knowledge of Javascript data types, functions, objects, and event handling.

Going Beyond Hard-Coded Dynamism

Machine Learning

Zubair Idris Aweda

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